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IAPO was officially created in 1995, in Argentina, with approximately 400 founding members. Initially, this organization was Latin American, but fifteen years later it has undergone such an expansion that it is no longer restricted to the boundaries of our American continents. It has more than 7,800 associates on five continents and is the largest existing pediatric otorhinolaryngologic society. A multidisciplinary society, its otorhinolaryngologists, pediatricians, pneumologists, immunologists, infectologists, speech therapists have a scientific interest in improving their knowledge in this area of subspecialty.

Use this opportunity to renew the annual membership dues US$ 60 or become a member of IAPO. By doing so:

1. You will receive IAPO’s new Pediatric ORL Manual (the XVI Manual).

With 300 pages it contains 36 chapters written by distinguished specialists. Some examples are:

  • Nature (Richard Rosenfeld)
  • Group A streptococcus and Pharyngotonsillitis (Debora Morais Cardoso and Alfredo Elias Gilio)
  • Medical and Surgical Management of Drooling (Dennis J. Kitsko)
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. A generalize Overview (Clifford Chen)
  • Infection or Allergy? (João Ferreira de Mello Junior)
  • Allergic Diseases in Children: An Otolaryngologist’s Perspective (Maria Veling)
  • The Nose Knows How To Kill MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Bacteria from the Human Body Produce an Antibiotic that Seems to Kill Resistant Bacteria (Anna Nowogrodzki)
  • Driving Innovation in Pediatric ENT (Michael Mei and Tulio A Valdez)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline: Otitis media with Effusion Executive Summary (Update) (Richard Rosenfeld et al)
  • Frequent Acute Otitis Media (Carlos Ruah)
  • Sudden Hearing Loss in the Pediatric Population (Kavita Dehia and David H. Chi)
  • Etiologic Diagnosis of Hearing Loss in 2016: Current Advances and Challenges in Genetic and Viral Diagnosis (Sharon Cushing and Blake Papsin)

2. IAPO App to smartphone and tablets available to Android and iOS.

3. IAPO offers its internet website. We have around five thousand visitors per month, from different countries, as it is available in three languages. Visit our website, the largest “virtual library” in pediatric otolaryngology. The manuals are available for download!

4. WHAT´S NEW. Member Management System: Access IAPO´s website, locate the item BECOME A MEMBER, and follow the instructions to register and pay the annual dues. The payment can be made with credit cards: MASTERCARD, VISA or AMERICAN EXPRESS.

5. Special lectures and meetings (IAPO podcasting): are exclusive for IAPO members who register or renew their dues using the Member Management System on IAPO´s website. The podcasts can be seen at the website according to a monthly schedule for 2017. Programs for the lectures will be available at

6. IAPO´s Newsletter: contains periodical information – quality updates, and what´s happening in pediatric otorhinolaryngology. Available only for members registered in the Member Management System.

7. The Health Promotion Program is available at This program has also developed some material to aid medical follow-ups and treatment of small patients with ear, nose, or throat problems. The program also includes an educational project – Beto and his Gang – which includes brochures and leaflets for the lay population, talking about varied subjects in pediatric ORL. They can be downloaded so that you can also hand them out to your patients!

8. Schedule/programs for scientific events including national and international important events in the field – is also available at

9. Certificate of membership. You´ll receive a beautiful certificate to hang on the wall of your office.

10. Special discounts on symposia and scientific events sponsored by IAPO.

Become a member

To be a physician, speech therapist and health professional.

The annual dues are R$250,00 (Brazilian Reals – about U$ 60 dollars). If you need to calculate the exchange rate to your local currency, access

Access our Member Management System here and follow the instructions to register and pay the annual dues. The payment can be made with credit cards: MASTERCARD, VISA or AMERICAN EXPRESS.

To join the association, update your data or in case of doubt: talk to us.
IAPO address:
Rua Mato Grosso,nº 306, 15º andar – conj. 1511 B, Higienópolis, São Paulo, SP, 01239-040, Brazil.

Telephone numbers:
+55 (11) 3283-3396 / 3283-4645 / 3259-4112 / 3255-7630 / 2114-6510 / 2114-6511
FAX: +55 (11) 2114-6512
Vera Santos


Join us! You will always be welcome!

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General Secretary – IAPO


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