XVI IAPO Manual of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

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General Considerations

  1. International Society of History of Otorhinolaringology
    Robert J. Ruben
  2. Hope
    Richard M. Rosenfeld
  3. Truth
    Richard M. Rosenfeld
  4. Enhanced Understanding of the Microbiome is Helping Medicine
    The Economist
  5. Microbiota Approach in Clinical Practice
    Cristina Targa Ferreira
  6. Evaluation of Pediatric Neck Masses
    Grace E. Snow, Hemi Thaker and Kevin D. Pereira
  7. Differences in Clinical Presentation of Neck Abscesses Between Infants and Children
    Neha Kumar, Marc Gelpi and Jay Shah


  1. Adenotonsillar Microbiome: an Update
    Richard Douglas and James Johnston
  2. Obesity and Tonsillectomy: Correlation Between Body Mass Index and Indication for Surgery
    Wen Jiang and Daniela Carvalho
  3. Foreign Bodies in the Aerodigestive Tract
    Ellen M. Friedman and Binoy Chandy
  4. Paediatric Swallowing Disorders
    Hayley Herbert and Shyan Vijayasekaran
  5. Pediatric and Neonatal Tracheostomy
    Eric A. Gantwerker and Ron Mitchell
  6. Principles of Robotic Surgery and Uses in Reconstructive Airway Surgery
    Alberto de Hoyos and Ricardo de Hoyos
  7. Drug-induced Sleep Endoscopy – DISE – Anesthesia and the Upper Airway
    Stacey Ishman
  8. Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy – DISE
    Craig Miller and Sanjay R. Parikh

Nose and Sinus

  1. Deleterious Effects of Air Pollution on the Respiratory Epithelium.
    Elnara Márcia Negri and Nilsa Regina Damaceno Rodrigues
  2. Daily Outpatient Intravenous Antibiotherapy for the Management of Pediatric Periorbital Cellulitis
    Ashley Tritt, Tiffany Paradis and Melanie Duval
  3. Surgical Management of Pediatric Rhinosinusitis
    Christopher C. Liu


  1. Clinical Practice Guideline (Update): Earwax (Cerumen Impaction)
    Seth R. Schwartz, Anthony E. Magit, Richard M. Rosenfeld, Bopanna B. Ballachanda, Jesse M. Hackell, Helene J. Krouse, Claire M. Lawlor, Kenneth Lin, Kourosh Parham, David R. Stutz,
    Sandy Walsh, Erika A. Woodson, Ken Yanagisawa and Eugene R. Cunningham Jr
  2. Acute Otitis Media with Spontaneous Tympanic Menbrane Perforation
    Paola Marchisio, Chiara Rosazza, Miriam Fattizzo, Susanna Esposito and Nicola Principi
  3. Temporal Bone Imaging in the Evaluation of Otological Disease
    Deepak Chandrasekharan, Tom Campion, Robin Smithuis and Mahmood F. Bhutta
  4. Shortened Antimicrobial Treatment for Acute Otitis Media in Young Children
    Alejandro Hoberman, Jack L. Paradise, Howard E. Rockette, Diana H. Kearney, Sonika Bhatnagar, Timothy R. Shope, Judith M. Martin, Marcia Kurs-Lasky, Susan J. Copelli, Kathleen Colborn, Stan L. Block, John J. Labella, Thomas G. Lynch, Norman L. Cohen, MaryAnn Haralam, Marcia A. Pope, Jennifer P. Nagg, Michael D. Green and Nader Shaikh
  5. Otitis Media with Effusion: Our National Practice
    Rachel E. Roditi, Richard M. Rosenfeld and Jennifer J. Shin
  6. Mycobacterium Avium-Intracellulare: A Rare Cause of Childhood Otitis Media
    Vikrum Thimmappa, Amanda Kullb, Rose Mary Stocksa, Armita Bahrami and Anthony Sheyna
  7. Clinical Practice Guideline: Tympanostomy Tubes in Children—Executive Summary
    Richard M. Rosenfeld, Seth R. Schwartz, Melissa A. Pynnonen, David E.Tunkel, Heather M. Hussey, Jeffrey S. Fichera, Alison M. Grimes, Jesse M. Hackell, Melody F. Harrison,
    Helen Haskell, David S. Haynes, Tae W. Kim, Denis C. Lafreniere, Katie LeBlanc, Wendy L. Mackey, James L. Netterville, Mary E. Pipan, Nikhila P. Raol, and Kenneth G. Schellhase

Hearing and Communication Disorders in the XXI Century

  1. Deaf-Blindness Syndrome
    Teolinda Mendoza de Morales and M. Adriana Pérez García
  2. Hearing Loss in Pediatric Patients Receiving Platinum-based Chemotherapy
    Sofia Waissbluth
  3. Hearing Disorders in Childhood IAPO 2018 Up to Date
    Tania Sih, Ricardo Bento, Robinson Koji, Ricardo Godinho, Sulene Pirana, Berenice Dias Ramos, Ana Alvarez, Miguel Angelo Hyppolito, Aparecida Yulie Yamamoto, Mariana Leal, Joel Lavinsky, Graciela González Franco, Frida Scharf de Sanabria, Marcelo R. de Toledo Piza and Signe Schuster Grasel


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